Custom coins story — Madhva Acharya

A coin of Madhva Acharya. Is this a special gift?

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Madhva Acharya ( 1238–1317 CE), also known as Purna Prajña and Ananda Tīrtha, was a Hindu philosopher and the chief proponent of the Dvaita (dualism) school of Vedanta. Madhva called his philosophy as "Tattvavada" meaning "the realist viewpoint" Harish made a series of coin about budha, so he made a coin of Madhva Acharya too. Here the piture he sent to us.   We made them the artwork. And Harish confirm the order information with us. He confirm the artwork the coming week. then we made then the coin as bellow.    Please check videos of these coins. Do you...

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