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How to make a coin, tell you step by step.

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If you want to make a coin, and don’t know how to do?  please read it. then you have the idea.  7steps to make your coins: 1, Talk about the idea of the coin 2, Talk about detail instruction of the coin 3, Quotation 4, Artwork sketch for you. 5, Payment. 6, Production. 7, Shipment.   Now I’m going to show you step by step.    1, Talk us about the idea of the coin you want to do . A, you have an idea of exact coin you want to do, tell us. B, You want a special gift, but not know how to do, talk with us your thinking and outcome you want to reach. We’ll help you to work out the designs. We show you a lot of coins, which we had made for our clients. So that you could get some inspiration. Please check video list. (click to check the list) I take more than 7 videos to show the designs. Refer to the title for that you interested in. (this is the first one,  see more,...

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